Affordable Alternative to “Boutique” Chalk Paint and Clay Paint

NO Sanding, NO Priming, NO prep

  • 100% All Natural Ingredients
  • Can Be Used with Any Color or Brand of Latex Paint (For best results, I recommend selecting a base paint in either flat or eggshell with no primer. Paint that has low-or-no VOCs is also recommended, but not required.) 
  • Easy to Apply and Self-Leveling 
  • Bonds to Virtually Everything (including wood, glass, laminate, metal, and fabric--all without priming or sanding)
  • A Little Goes a Long Way (typical coverage with no bleeding is achieved in 1-3 coats)
  • Versatile (whether you fancy shabby chic, antiqued, smooth and modern, or old and chippy, you can achieve it with the endless possibilities of chalk paint made with BB Frosch Chalk Paint Powder)
  • Durable (chalk paint can be used on outdoor furniture, kitchen cabinets, and for other high-traffic and “weathering” applications)
  • Virtually no Waste (mix only what you need)
  • Sands and Distresses Beautifully